How To Successfully Plan an In-Person Crowdfunding Event

by | Oct 30, 2023

Anyone looking to raise large amounts of money is now turning to online crowdfunding as the solution. Startups, non-profits, families, and individuals seeking monetary support can post their financial requests online to any crowdfunding platform. All you really need is a compelling story to tell. 

Crowdfunding asks people to contribute funds based on the merits of the cause or the promise of some reward or a possible return on their investment. 

However, not all crowdfunding initiatives are best served online. It’s especially true for well-established non-profit organizations.  


Why Opt for In-Person Fundraising and Crowdfunding Event? 

In-person annual galas serve various purposes: 

  1. They celebrate an organization’s successes over the past year.
  2. They draw attention to an organization’s initiatives.
  3. They serve as a thank-you to donors/sponsors/investors.
  4. They provide an opportunity for organizations to meet face-to-face with their benefactors.
  5. They provide an opportunity to raise additional funds. 


Gala dinners, auctions, special musical performances, and events featuring notable guest speakers are examples of live events that can bolster an organization’s public image and the potential money it can raise. Live events create emotional engagement and can be an effective form of crowdfunding. Not all crowdfunding is done online!


Tips for Planning Your Crowdfunding Event

  • Choose a theme that serves your organization well. You want donors to feel like they are getting something of value for their attendance and financial contributions. 
  • Look for corporate sponsors who can help offset the event’s expenses. 
  • Choose an unconventional venue for hosting. View this as your opportunity to stand out from the crowd and generate enthusiasm among your donor base.
  • Ensure your chosen location has appropriate lighting, good sound, video playback capabilities, a kitchen area for caterers, and plenty of parking. 
  • Don’t just invite donors. Invite those who have benefited from your organization’s efforts.
  • Use video marketing to target potential guests online. 
  • Consider streaming or recording the event for donors who can’t make it in person (this footage will support your promotional efforts the following year).
  • Make sure invitees are fed in good time. Hungry guests tend to be less generous.  
  • Scavenger hunts, raffle tickets, and door prizes help keep attendees more engaged. 
  • Consider handwritten invites to make the invite seem more personal.  
  • Implement QR codes that provide additional information and ways to give. 


Crowdfunding the Right Way

No matter the purpose of your ask, it’s vital that your passion and enthusiasm ring true for any prospective donors. A well-organized, well-attended event is an effective way to connect with new and existing patrons. 

Despite the ease of online crowdfunding, sometimes you need to go the extra mile to make a positive impression. 

In-person crowdfunding events present exciting opportunities for generating awareness and financial support for your organization. With the right venue and an engaging theme, you and your organization will be associated with a fun and memorable night for all. 

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