How To Throw The Perfect Summer Rooftop Party

by | Mar 23, 2023

How To Throw The Perfect Summer Rooftop Party

Winter goes on until you’ve hosted your first outdoor event. And what better place to do so than a gorgeous rooftop with glorious views of the mountains? With access to a party-ready rooftop, you can host a party that will be the talk of the town until next year’s rooftop event. 

The best part about throwing a rooftop party is nature provides most of the setting and décor – all you need to do is put together a few essentials to make your party a success. 

1. Choose a Theme

With the great outdoors as your backdrop, you can choose any theme you like. Whether you want a to go for a fancy cocktail vibe or a fun-filled 70s theme. With the weather cheering up, people can get as innovative with their accoutrements as they want without worrying about feeling cold. Barbeque-themed parties are a great way to get people to let loose.

2. Keep Food Fresh and Light

It’s time to enjoy nature’s bounty that spring brings. While winter is all about comfort foods, summer is all about bite-sized finger foods, light and fresh salads or fragrant barbeques. Small pieces of food make it easy for your guests to sample all the different dishes you have served up for the occasion. It also makes it easy for them to walk around with their plates of food and mingle. 

It’s always a great idea to hire a caterer who can keep the food circulating, replenish empty plates, and take over on the grill so you can have fun without being tied down to one spot. 

3. Keep Cool with Refreshing Drinks

Ice-cold beers, chilled white wine, rosé and colourful cocktails definitely bring a vibe to your party. In fact, choosing a couple of “signature cocktails” to feature at your party can make it feel cohesive. Don’t forget the teetotallers with some non-alcoholic virgin cocktails that will help them keep cool too. 

Make sure you have plenty of coolers, refrigerators, and ice to make the drinks stay at the right temperature even as the weather heats up.

Professional bartenders can help keep tabs on your stock of liquor (so you don’t run out), shake up amazing cocktails, and make sure that your guests’ cups runneth full. 

4. Think Shade and Lighting

Your rooftop party may need both depending on the time of day you plan to hold it. Plan to have shady umbrellas or pergolas that look decorative and provide much-needed shade from the scorching sun as well. Pergolas or canopies with tables and chairs arranged under them give your guests space for lively group discussions or to cool down after games and activities in the sun.

If you’re planning a day-into-night soiree, the lighting will set the mood once the sun goes down. Fairy lights, tiki torches, portable table lamps, and lanterns can turn your rooftop event into a magical wonderland under the stars. A well-lit rooftop can help prevent mishaps or accidents in the dark.

5. Seating

The seating depends on the kind of event you’re hosting. Elegant tables with placeholders and exquisite table décor are perfect for sit-down dinners. For a more casual get-together, think about plush cushioned seating scattered in strategic places around the rooftop in shady areas. Harvest tables or picnic benches create the perfect atmosphere for a rooftop barbeque.

6. Music

The right music can help keep the party going into the wee hours or give your guests a clue that it’s time to start winding up. You can opt for a DJ or create a playlist of all your favourite song to play through the event. (Hint: There are plenty of awesome rooftop party playlists available online to make things easier for you.) 

7. The Venue

Picking the right venue can make all the difference when it comes to whether your rooftop party is a roaring success or just another event on the year’s calendar. SKY Hangar offers everything you could ask for and more.

  • a unique open setting
  • modern ambiance
  • space for caterers
  • a rooftop putting green
  • built-in event venue lighting and sound
  • an easy-to-find location
  • plenty of free parking
  • connections to local vendors

and a whole lot more… 

Call today or get in touch online for pricing and availability.