Non Profit Events

Do You Require a Suitable Venue for Your Non-Profit Events?

Do you work for a non-profit in need of a fundraising initiative to support your organization? 

A gala or networking event featuring a silent auction, scavenger hunt, or some other draw is a great way to attract attention to your mission and make your non-profit brand more appealing. 

Anything you can do to motivate your employees and inspire your target demographic, local businesses, corporate sponsors, and the public at large is a big win for any business or non-profit. 

SKY Hangar is here to help you make your mark and earn bonus points with your board members.

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Make Your Non-Profit Initiatives a Memorable Experience

When it comes to generating money and raising awareness for good causes, many people today automatically think of peer-to-peer fundraising events (e.g., a bowl-a-thon or golf tournament) or crowdfunding on various social media platforms.

In-person gatherings are a fun and exciting way to bring together your staff, volunteers, donors, and sponsors. They raise your profile in the community and provide a public forum for recognizing those who are vital to your organization’s continued success.

Whether the event has an educational component or is just about having fun, SKY Hangar’s spacious venue is available for all types of non-profit events.

  • Luncheons, formal dinners, professional breakfasts
  • Seminars, conferences
  • Casino nights, themed trivia parties
  • Dance-a-thons
  • Charity fashion shows
  • Storytelling nights (constituents sharing tales about your non-profit work)
  • Art auctions/exhibitions
  • Award galas
  • Celebrity speaking engagements, live music shows
  • Movie night film screenings (showcasing a documentary connected to your mission)
  • Volunteer appreciation parties
  • Educational, leadership work courses
  • Health and wellness fairs
  • Panel discussions and forums

Live Events Bring People Together

Large public and private events provide ample networking opportunities and help build engagement. Getting offline and meeting in person helps your non-profit stay relevant by developing a rapport with new and familiar contacts, which is tough to do strictly online.

Whether you’re thinking of a hybrid event featuring a live video component, a charity concert, or a talent show in the name of a good cause, there’s no shortage of ways for non-profit organizations to gain financial support from new donors and returning benefactors.

SKY Hangar in Pitt Meadows assists non-profit organizations needing event hosting space. When a local restaurant or local park won’t do, our facilities will help you create a significant impact.

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Impress Your Guests and Make Your Non-Profit Stand Out

Locking down a suitable location for your non-profit event will impress your fellow board members, community members, and staff.

At SKY Hangar, guests are treated to a unique and modern location where they have the opportunity to take flight.

Giveaways, auctions, and door prizes incentivize people to attend your event. Guessing the types of physical gifts your guests may or may not appreciate is time-consuming. Attendees nowadays crave experiences! A gift card for one of SKY Helicopters’ many unique excursions provides an exhilarating, long-lasting memory that the recipient will fondly associate with your organization. 

If your event idea involves an entrance fee, you want to make sure it is next level. SKY Hangar is well-versed in hosting successful gatherings that keep people talking.

Kick-Start Your Plans with a Fun Venue

In order to build anticipation for your organization’s next initiative, you must have a place to do it.

Once you have secured the right venue, you can begin hyping up your plans on social media. Booking at SKY Hangar is the perfect way to drum up excitement for all types of non-profit events. 

An attractive venue gives you the confidence to expand upon your fundraising event ideas. 

Everybody loves a party, especially when the mood is celebratory. It’s an easy way to build anticipation. Hosting a large gathering of like-minded people who share an interest in a social cause should be fun. Events that feature good music, tasty eats, spectacle, and an air of excitement are a fun way to draw the attention you seek, especially from major donors.

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Let SKY Hangar Serve as Your Home Base Outside the Office

Non-profit organizations benefit greatly from raising awareness of their cause. Public gatherings are a fantastic opportunity to build a sense of community, solicit donations, and strengthen relationships with volunteers and donors.

With the arrival of the holiday season, you and your organization will already have a place in your contacts lists to celebrate the year’s wins. SKY Hangar is a highly appealing venue for end-of-year celebrations or your annual general meeting.

Are you ready to discuss your rental venue needs? Let us know what you require.

The allure of our aircraft might draw in the crowd, but our hangar space throws the party for non-profit events from every sector! SKY Hangar offers a vibrant, versatile space to suit any occasion.

Our first-class features include a VIP suite, prep kitchen facilities, FREE parking, and a premium in-house AV projection and lighting system. You’ll have the right tools to entertain, raise funds, and inform your base in grand style. We offer a select number of registered charities a 15% non-profit discount each year. Contact SKY Hangar today to learn more.