The Importance of Event Lighting and Sound

by | Jun 27, 2023

The Importance of Event Lighting and Sound

Planning an event requires you to consider every aspect of the experience.

Especially lighting and sound as this determines whether the event will captivate and delight your guests.

But, imagine this, being the mastermind of an event where the lighting makes your guest squint their eyes while the sound system screeches. Yet, as an event planner, your end goal should be to provide extraordinary experiences that are enjoyable and immersive.

So, here are the reasons why you need to ensure you use a venue with the perfect lighting and sound that will take your events from ordinary to extraordinary.

Sets the Mood and Atmosphere

Event lighting and sound are the main spice to setting the mood and atmosphere for any event. 

Whether it is an elegant gala, conference or product launch, adjusting the light intensity and setting the sound levels at just the perfect pitch will create the perfect ambience for the event.

For example, here’s a table showcasing different events and our recommended sound and light settings.

Event Sound Recommendation Light Recommendation
Gala High-quality sound system Soft, warm lighting with the spotlight on the speaker with minimal distractions in the background
Product Launch Clear audio for presentations Dynamic lighting effects to create excitement and highlight product features
Conference Crystal-clear speech audio Evenly distributed lighting for optimal visibility and focus

Enhances Visual Appeal

Proper lighting can make a difference in capturing the audience’s attention. 

In fact, according to marketing research, people remember 6% of what they see even three days later.

Ensuring that your event’s lighting is visually appealing can grab your audience’s attention. 

For instance, if the event was for a product launch it can lead to more interest in the item and may even lead to more sales days after the event.

Also, it may ensure that attendees look forward to attending your events because they are sure to have a mind-blowing experience.

And who needs to go back home with a throbbing headache because the lights were too bright or dim while the sound was amateurishly done?

Engaging Attendees and Creating Immersive Experiences

When Rihhana performed in the Super Bowl LVII halftime show on February 12, 2023, at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, she broke the internet.


First, the show became the most-watched Super Bowl halftime show in history.

Second, her performance of the rendition of “Run This Town” was powerfully orchestrated with the lights and sound, creating a stunningly engaging and immersive experience.

Therefore, this shows that you can always outdo your last event by using the right lighting and sound effects to engage the audience, leaving them craving for more.

Also, investing in the proper lights and sound or using the proper venue like Sky Hangar, ensures that you create a memorable and immersive experience for your audience.

Remember, having an engaging and immersive experience for your audience during an event is important because:

  • It makes the event enjoyable and may even lead to improved brand loyalty.
  • It creates a memorable experience where the attendees may greatly influence other people to attend, thus increasing brand awareness and ultimately, more sales and/or interaction.
  • It sets you apart from your competition as the audience relives the engaging experiences for days to come.
  • It creates an opportunity to incorporate your branding elements by infusing the lighting and sound with your company’s logo, colours, and sounds. 

Use the Proper Venue for Your Event 

When it comes to positioning your brand in the right environment, and converting potential clients into making purchases, you need to ensure that all events you hold are a hit. 

You need to have more people talking about the just concluded event in a positive way than they did in the past. You can achieve this by using the right venue, like SKY Hangar, which has the best audio and visual sound system and lighting.

By using the right venue for your events, you reduce any risk of disappointment which could be catastrophic as you may not achieve the intended purpose.

Also, a reliable venue elevates your brand’s image, reputation and loyalty as it delivers high-quality experiences to your audience.

SKY Helicopters Hanger has a sitting capacity of 300 with a spacious 6000 sq ft floor.

Our unique space can be transformed to suit any occasion. The guests also have a view of the helipads, and we offer spectacular helicopter entrances!

Book an appointment with us today, and visit our venue to see what we offer before you rent it for your event. We’ll ensure your audience experiences a mind-blowing, engaging, visually appealing, and immersive experience.