Tips for Choosing a Summer Corporate Event Venue

by | Apr 27, 2023

Tips for Choosing a Summer Corporate Event Venue

One of the first steps to planning a successful corporate event is finding the perfect venue. Unlike the colder months, summer brings a whole host of opportunities that mean your guests do not have to be confined indoors. Whether you’re planning a multi-day event, a corporate meeting, a team bonding experience for your employees, or want to hold the event of the season for your most important clients, picking the right summer venue can make it the talk of the town.

Read on for the top considerations to make while choosing a summer venue for your corporate event.

1. Identify the Type of Event

The kind of event you want to throw can help you narrow down your list of summer event venues. Do you want to throw a formal event or is it a more casual do that includes your employees’ families? A conference is more than likely to require audio-visual equipment and a speaker’s podium while a casual rooftop party could use some games or great music to keep your guests entertained.

2. The Number of People

The number of people you’re planning to host can dictate the size of the venue you need. The more people, the larger the space you’ll need. Also, consider the different areas you may need within the venue for people to interact. For example, if you have a large number of people attending your event, then it’s likely that your caterers will need a larger, separate space to set up and cook. A networking event on the other hand could use separate seating areas for your attendees to have a quiet chat. The more activities you have planned, the more space you’ll need.

3. Work With Your Budget

The budget is another really important factor when it comes to planning an event. If a venue appears to meet all your needs with regard to equipment and space, make sure you have a detailed budget plan in place to ensure you can afford it. Don’t be afraid to ask the venue what they can do for you with the help of their preferred partners. They may be able to come up with solutions that help you save money and make your event even more awesome.

4. Think About the Weather

While outdoor events can be great during the summer, the last thing you want is for your guests to feel uncomfortable. If you’re hosting an event during the day, then an indoor venue with air conditioning can be a good idea. If you are hosting an outdoor event, like on a rooftop, for example, then ask the venue if you can have fans or misting fans to help beat the heat. Another important thing to consider is if the venue has indoor areas to retreat to in case of rain.

5. Activities

Pick a venue that offers something unique to give your guests something to remember. Whether it’s a mini putting green that gets some friendly competition going or a helicopter ride, you’ll find experiences are talked about more than a corporate goodie bag.

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