What Are Some Unique Theme Ideas For A Banquet Event?

by | Sep 21, 2023

A banquet requires just the right amount of glitz and glamour without overdoing it. 

You need fancy decor, dazzling centrepieces, elegant table settings, and a grand venue like a helicopter hangar.

But what you need more is a unique theme. A theme that will wow your guests, making them feel a tad posh just by walking in. Where food is plentiful, and the dance floor is spacious enough to bust a move. 

A theme like one of the five below.


1. 80’s Extravaganza

The 80’s Extravaganza theme is a fusion of neon colours like lime green, soft pink, and vibrant orange yellowish. 

So get your neon signs, glow sticks, and LED lighting to create a mesmerizing atmosphere.

To capture the spirit of the 1980s while ensuring your guests have a great time. Here’s a table summarizing the do’s and don’ts.

Do’s Don’ts
Use authentic ’80s decor elements. Overdo neon and bright colours.
Encourage guests to dress in ’80s attire. Clutter the space with too many ’80s props.
Create an ’80s playlist with hits from the era. Rely solely on nostalgia; aim for a fresh experience.
Offer an ’80s-inspired menu and signature cocktails. Neglect guest comfort and seating.
Include interactive ’80s-themed activities. Hesitate to incorporate modern technology.

2. Enchanted Masquerade Ball

This theme brings all the fairy tales to life. It perfectly encapsulates the spirit of mystery and adventure that captivated most of our childhood.

But to make it more entertaining for your guests, have them wear a mask, ball gowns or a full costume. 

For instance, you can use the movie Maleficent as your theme for an enchanted masquerade ball since it involves more fairy tale characters. Guests can dress as snow white, Maleficent, Aurora, or other enchanted beings.

As for decor, you can use artificial trees, vines, and woodland creatures to transform the venue into a magical forest.

3. Hollywood Red Carpet Extravaganza

This theme requires you to consider elegance and sophistication to recreate the Hollowood red carpet, you need your guests to feel like Beyonce or Ryan Reynolds.

The decor needs to be spot on with a red carpet entrance and gold accents. 

The dress code should be as glamorous and extraordinary as possible by allowing your guests to use their imagination and creativity. Let them embrace the tuxedos and gowns that would make Lady Gaga envious.

And do not forget about the lighting. 

It should be soft and warm, with elegant chandeliers as well as crystal lighting fixtures to emulate the sophistication of a Hollywood ballroom. To add a dramatic entrance, use a red carpet, velvet ropes, and a floor-mounted light.

Additionally, you can add more pizazz by recreating Cole Walliser’s Oscar GlamBOT moments by taking short clips and editing them. After that, you can send the edited version to the appropriate guests and even use the video to post on your social media accounts.

4. Barbie-Inspired Dreamland

As Barbie-inspired themes, parties, and ads continue to dominate the internet, having a banquet party with this theme is going to add a fun and whimsical experience.

With a Barbie-inspired theme, you can never go wrong with an abundance of various shades of pink as the primary colour scheme. You can have it for decor, including tablecloths, chair covers, and balloons. 

You can also purchase a life-sized personalized Barbie doll photo prop frame where your visitors can capture memorable moments.

5. James Bond Casino Royale

Any James Bond film is bound to bring some excitement to your guests.

But Casino Royale is one of the best choices for a banquet event. It is exciting and fun as it has a lot of design elements you can use in your party.

You can have your guests dress in elegant black-tie attire or red dresses.

For decor, have a red carpet on the entrance and use red and black as the main colours, with touches of gold and silver to add a touch of luxury. 

Then, create a backdrop with a Casino Royal movie poster and incorporate images of cards, dice, and roulette wheels. Ensure the ambience, drinks, and food match the theme’s elegance and sophistication.

Hold Your Banquet Event in a Helicopter Hangar

A helicopter hangar is the perfect venue for a banquet event. 

It is spacious, and the industrial aesthetics make it a blank canvas that you can spruce up with decor and lighting to suit whichever theme you choose.

Whether you are hosting a corporate gathering, or fundraising for a cause, choosing Sky Hangar as your event venue ensures an experience like no other.

Get in touch with us today and make your next banquet at Sky Hangar, a truly unique experience.